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A bush walk is a great way to see the countryside. And the Mt Banks walk in the Blue Mountains National park is a popular one, especially with families as it is not too arduous. Mt Banks was named after the famous colonial botanist Sir Joseph Banks. It stands about 100 km west of Sydney. It has an elevation of 1049 m and the walk to the top is about 4.8 km. It has a unique basalt cap for the top third. The lower two thirds section is made from Sydney sandstone.

There’s plenty of maths facts here to get your Stage 3 students started for a series of Length sessions. How high does a hill have to be before we call it a mountain? Which NSW mountains are taller than Mt Banks? Shorter? The same height? Which NSW mountain is the tallest? By how much more? How long would it take to walk to the top and back if it is a fairly easy walk? Lots of statistics as well as length measurements to consider.

And thanks to my bush-walking sister Lee for contributing this photo to our website.