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National Museum of Mathematics, New York

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It is rare to think about being a mathematical tourist. When I travelled to Uzbekistan, for example, there is a spectacular monument in Khiva to the famous Al Khorezme. A must see for anyone even vaguely interested in mathematics. From his name we get our word “algorism” or “algorithm”.

Have you been to New York? I haven’t … but people in the know say that you should visit this award-winning small museum, the National Museum of Mathematics. It is interactive and a great place for your children to explore. Puzzles, computer graphics and books on origami. It even has a special tricycle with square wheels.







This museum is located at 11 East 26th Street in Manhattan and is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days a week, 364 days a year. It is only closed for Thanksgiving Day!