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I must have a thing about food mustn’t I! These delicious French pastries are $3.50 each. A great start for a daily mental warm-up with Stage 2 or 3 students.

What if you bought 10 – how much will that cost? What if you share with a friend – how much should you each pay? What if you share one pastry between 3 friends? If you are the baker and you decide to sell 10 pastries for $30, is that a better decision than selling 10 separate pastries at $3.50 each? Why do you think this?  If each pastry costs you $1.25 to make, how much profit is that per pastry? If you plan to give each person at a party half a pastry each, how many will you buy if you expect 18 guests? How much will this cost you?

Hmmm … how else might you use this maths photograph in your next maths session?