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NUMBER – MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION – Grades 3/4 Counting Beetles Posters

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Posters are an effective way to count daily with your Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4) students. Before students are ready to just say the multiples on their own, counting real-life objects, or pictures of real-life objects, can help your students develop more effective visual images of the multiplication process. Remember multiplication is just another form of addition, but we want our students to create neural pathways so that the numbers arrive automatically. Counting these posters daily is one way to make this happen. Count groups of 4 geckos from 4 to 40, groups of 6 leopards from 6 to 60, groups of 6 eggs, groups of 7 apples, groups of 8 beetles or groups of 9 hippos. Start at 90 and count back by 9s. Continue counting groups past the 10 x group as far as you can go. You can enlarge these six posters to A3 and laminate each one for better storage.