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At Maths Matters Resources we realise that everyone lives in different places all over Australia (and of course the world …) but we could not resist this lovely way to represent our new year 2015. Use this as a stimulus for a Number discussion about 4-digit numbers. Is it odd or even? How do you know? Why are you sure about this? What will be the date in 100 years from now? 100 years ago? You can keep a special 2015 year book and record special events of interest to your class throughout the year then present your favourite items at an end-of-year assembly using this photograph as your visual stimulus. If you add all the digits what number do you get?

If you rearrange the digits what’s the largest number you create? The second largest number? Is this a multiple of 5? How do you know? Is it a multiple of 10? How do you know? Is it a multiple of 3? What does this number look like on an abacus? On a number line? With Base 10 blocks? If you have this much money to spend on a holiday with a family of 4, where will you go? How long will you stay? What might some of your costs be?