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PLACE VALUE GRAPHICS – Australian Birds & Animals Posters 10 to 100

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Here is a beautiful new set of Place Value discussion posters for Stage 1 students to help you think about groups of 10. Our focus was on Australian birds and animals. Counting by 10s to 100 is an important skill for Stage 1 or early Stage 1 students. Seeing what these multiples look like also helps build spatial thinking about numbers. Sometimes we have a group of 10 in a line, a huddle, even vertically.  Touch each group of 10 as you count aloud, 10, 20, 30 , 40 …

Why not blow these up to A3 size as a classroom display. Or print them off for specific students to take home as practice items.



We have included all 10 posters in Place Value Activities Grades F/1/2 (Stage 1).

You can also find Australian Animal Counting Posters 1-10 in Counting Activities.