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Why did we include this graphic?

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Although each graphic in itself may not appear too mathematical, let your imagination fly. Challenge your students to create a wide range of possible questions related to each one.

Look at this hen. How many different  mathematical questions can you record in 1 minute?

How many hens can possibly fit in one square metre of a chook pen? Even so, what is the official number of hens allowed per square metre? How many eggs does a hen lay on average in one week. How many weeks would it take to lay 2 dozen eggs? How heavy is a hen? Is a rooster just as heavy or heavier? How long does a hen live? How many different breeds of hen are there in our world? What type of hen is the largest? The smallest?

How much food does a hen eat in one week? If a farmer has 100 hens, how much food is this in one month? If chook food costs $2.50 per kilo, how much does this cost this farmer for 1 month of chook food?

And I am sure there are plenty more questions you can think of!