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Chance – Crazy Coin Contests

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Our website contains a huge variety of maths activities, graphics and photographs. It is easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you are a new subscriber.

When you are preparing your ideas for a particular maths substrand, take a look at what we offer to see if there is something that matches your content needs. For example, Chance and Data. For Stage 2 students, Grades 3/4, there are some wonderful activities for whole class events.

I particularly like Crazy Coin Contests, Y34 ACMSP094. There are 4 activities for your students to work on in teams of 2:

Millimetre Match

Robot Race

Kilogram Capers

Litre Beater

In Millimetre Match you toss a coin with your partner. One person is Heads, the other is Tails. Whoever wins draws a 10 mm line on their “head”. You are trying to be the first to draw 10 lines, but only by experiencing the power of a chance outcome. Plus you are linking to length and drawing 10 mm lines. Millimetre Mike is also available for you to design your own activity in Graphics – People Graphics. Have fun.