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Length Activities

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  • Carefully sequenced into Grades F/12, Grades 3/4 and Grades 5/6/7.
  • ACARA Content Code tags for easy reference to Length curriculum requirements.
  • New files added regularly so keep dipping in to see what’s there.

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Grades F/1/2

  • Length Pre-assessment Y12 ACMMG006

  • Are you a square F12 ACMMG006

  • Length Language POSTERS ACMMG006

  • Length Language Cards F12 ACMMG006

  • Measure Monsters F12 ACMMG006

  • Open-ended Informal Units Length Questions F12 ACMMG019

  • Make your own Tape Measure ACMMG019

  • How long is a metre? Y12 ACMMG037

Grades 3/4

  • What do I know LENGTH Mental Warmups F123456

  • Estimating in metres Y34 ACMMG037

  • Largest feet in the world Y34 ACMMG061

  • Length Estimation cm Cards Y34 ACMMG061

  • Length Estimation mm Cards Y34 ACMMG061

  • Multiplication Perimeter Instructions Y34 ACMMG061 ACMMG084

  • Multiplication Perimeter Large A4 Cards Y34 ACMMG061 ACMMG084

  • Multiplication Perimeter small cards Y34 ACMMG061 ACMMG084

  • Throw Take and Make Y34 ACMMG061

  • Sunflower Maths Sprouts Teacher Instructions ACMMG084

  • Sunflower Maths Sprouts Activity Cards ACMMG084

  • LENGTH Open-ended Questions Y34 ACMMG061 ACMMG084

Grades 5/6/7

  • Worlds largest shoe Y567 ACMMG084

  • Length Challenge Cards Y567 ACMMG109

  • Length Language Cards Y567 ACMMG109

  • Lizard Length Challenge Y567 ACMMG084

  • Length Worm Quick Recall Facts Y567

  • Yes or no warmups Y567 ACMMG084

  • Length Quick Recall Facts Challenge Y4567 ACMMG084

  • Length Quiz Y567 ACMMG084