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NUMBER & ALGEBRA – FRACTION ACTIVITIES – Grades 1/2 Counting Apple Quarters POSTER

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Yay – more food. And its healthy for you too.

Fractions come to life by counting real apple quarters. But if you don’t have access to real apples then here’s a Counting Apple Quarters Poster to help you. Use it as part of your daily Maths Mental Warm-ups.

Select a student to point to each apple quarter on the poster while the rest of the class count aloud either together or one-by-one. “One quarter, two quarters, three quarters, four quarters …” Encourage your students to improvise by saying equivalent names too. e.g. “two quarters or one half”. Or keep counting by quarters then at random call out STOP. Whoever is next at counting has to say how many whole apples and how many extra quarters. e.g. “17 quarters: that’s 4 whole apples and one extra quarter.”

Talk about effective strategies to help you visualise combined quarters quickly. Can you think in groups of 4 when you look at this poster?