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NUMBER & ALGEBRA – Fractions & Decimals – Rhino Decimal Counts 5/6/7

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Decimals seem to always be one of those difficult concepts for your Stage 3 students to get their heads around. Here is a variety of Decimal resources to help.

  • Decimal Number Cards so your students can create random numbers to compare and manipulate.
  • Decimal Number Lines in 4 different forms for your students to visualise proportional reasoning with decimals. Where will their number appear on each number line? Is it smaller than, the same as or larger than half way between two given numbers?
  • Rhino 1-place Decimal Counts cards for pairs of students to practise counting by simple 1-place decimals as far as they can in just one minute. Keep practising until each student is confident they can count aloud without any finger manipulation or pen and paper scatchings.
  • Rhino 2-place Decimal Counts for pairs of students to practise counting by simple 2-place decmals.
  • Rhino Maths Facts cards to use in any way you like. But they will be a good companion to the counting cards to help make some of the counting numbers come to life. Which rhinos live for 0.35 centuries? Which rhinos grow to a mass of about 0.9 tonnes? Or have a horn that grows to 0.95 m?