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WHOLE SCHOOL PLANNING – Maths Improvement Plans – Term 1 – Number Resources Checklists

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We’ve had many requests for us to create Number Resources Checklists and have just uploaded one for each Stage. We tried to link each item in the list to any existing resources we supply, but could only link it to the general page, not the specifc item. At least this shows you which page to look at. As you can see, there are plenty of items that we think are essential for effective mathematics teaching. Resources to use as large flash cards for whole class discussion, for example. Perhaps you can make at least one set and share it with another class.

We are constantly creating more resources so these checklists will be updated at the end of each term. If you can see any items you think are still missing, please write to us and we will do our best to create what you need. Our aim is to provide all the essential resources that will make your teaching life a breeze. We want you to love teaching mathematics and see it as a highlight of your day. And of course we want your students to have the resources they need so that they love maths too and understand how it fits into daily problem solving in their own lives.