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Whole School Planning is a unique feature of our website. Plenty there to help your schools’ Maths Improvement Team. In Term 3 we suggest you focus on revising Number : Multiplication and Division, Measurement : Mass and Geometry : Position. If you follow our suggested plans for Terms 1 – 4 you regularly revisit problems and challenges as well as check that your students are progressing well. Of course in your busy term you can’t do everything but at least you can touch base. Our suggestion for POSITION is to select a concept to explore with your class throughout the whole term. Not in a major but a minor way. You can create a special classroom display and integrate it into some home explorations too. Talk about some of the position language involved. The idea is that each class then prepares and presents a very short e.g. 3 minute, presentation at the Whole School Assembly in Week 10. That way every student gets to see/hear/feel  a wide range of Position concepts. You’ll find this suggestion summarised in the Term 3/4 column.