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MEASUREMENT – TIME: Exploring the Calendar

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Calendar skills are a part of TIME (Measurement sub-strand) in Primary Mathematics across the world. Today is 2 November 2019. It is the 306th day of this year (and it would be the 307th day if this was a Leap Year). Today’s date can be written in many ways – in Australia we write it as 2.11.19. Calendar discussions should be a daily part of your class mathematics routines, whether you teach Kinder ( 5 year olds) or Year 6 Students (11 year olds). Encourage your students to create a set of 4-5 quick questions each day. e.g. What day is it today? It is Saturday and it is the first of 5 Saturdays in this month. How many days are there in this month? There are 30 days in November so there are 28 more days to go to the end of the month. It is the 306th day of 2019 and there are still 59 more days until the end of 2019. What season is it now? November is in the last month of Spring. There are 3 months in Spring – September, October and November. The next season will be Summer.  Is today someone in your family’s birthday? Or someone in your class? Your school? Did something memorable happen on this day in the past? In Mexico it is celebrated as part of the Day of the Dead.

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